Industrial Electrical Services

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services provides a complete selection of professional industrial electrical services. Our extremely experienced team of electricians are able to visit your industrial property, assess its electrical systems and offer expert advice on upgrades or repairs. We replace any damaged wiring or electrical equipment. Our service is offered all over the greater Dublin area. Our decade of dedicated service has garnered Advanced Electrical Contracting Services a sterling reputation for quality, professional work within the industrial sector.

Does your industrial property require a comprehensive electrical assessment? Then get in contact with Advanced Electrical Contracting Services today.

Our Industrial Electrical Services

We offer industrial clients a full range of quality electrical services that are catered specifically for the unique needs of industrial properties. Due to the high demands large or medium sized industrial properties place on electrical grids, they require the very best electrical systems available.

To ensure the smooth and efficient running of your industrial plant Advanced Electrical Contracting Services offers:

Industrial Electrical Upgrades

Totally flexible Ad Hoc Periodic Testing

Full Electrical Assessment

Comprehensive Testing of all Electrical Systems

Repair or Replacement of Damaged Wiring or Electrical Systems

Expert Recommendations in upgrades of Electrical Systems

We invite potential industrial clients to review our rates page for a full list of all the industrial electrical services we offer.

Industrial Electrical Upgrades

The demands placed on an industrial property's electrical system are different to the demands of other properties. In instances where lighting and equipment is required to run 24 hours a day a properly maintained and energy efficient system is of vital importance. Advanced Electrical Contracting Services can carry out a thorough inspection of an industrial property's electrical system. Our expert team can recommend upgrades to optimise a property’s energy consummation. We can replace an old inefficient system with a modern alternative that can help reduce the cost of energy bills in an industrial property.