Electrical Testing

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services offers clients a wide range of electrical testing packages to suit their industrial, commercial or residential property. Our expert electrical technicians assess all electrician systems in a given property searching for faults or areas where energy is not being used effectively. We use state of the art thermographic technology to efficiently check all electrical systems, allowing us to identify problems and offering upgrade recommendations quickly. Our efficient and professional electrical testing team always strives to cause as little disruption to a commercial or industrial property as possible, during our comprehensive inspection procedure.

Periodic testing

We offer all clients a completely flexible ad hoc periodic testing service. This service allows us to regularly test the competency of a client’s electrical system without ever tying them into a contract. With our customer focused approach and expert electrical technicians, we’re confident in the peerless quality of our work. A testament to this quality workmanship is the amount of running customers our business curates.
Our ad hoc, zero obligation periodic testing service is available all over the greater Dublin area.

Portable Application testing

Portable Application Testing (PAT) testing is the government mandated testing of all electrical applications in a workplace. This health and safety regulation dictates that all portable equipment be safe and fit for use. The mandate also states that systems be periodically tested by a competent electrician who can certify the safety of the application.
Advanced Electrical Contracting Services offers this service to commercial and industrial properties. They carry out all PAT testing efficiently and guarantee an employer the minimum amount of disruption to their business.

Does your commercial, domestic or industrial property require a comprehensive electrical test and assessment? Then get in contact with Advanced Electrical Contracting Services today.

Thermographic Testing

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services are proud to be one of the few electrical testing companies in Ireland that offers clients thermographic testing.
This non-contact form of electrical testing scans electrical systems and electrical applications for signs of excessive heat. Our electrical techniques are able to quickly analyse this data and offer customers recommendations on upgrades or repairs. This state-of-the-art system is an extremely fast and efficient method of identifying potential electrical problems or faults.