Electrical Maintenance

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services can provide customers with a comprehensive electrical maintenance service. All electrical applications and electrical systems need to be maintained to ensure their safety and optimum performance.
Using the very latest in electrical testing technology, Advanced Electrical Contracting Services can quickly and efficiently check all electrical applications in a commercial or an industrial property. Our expert team of electricians rely on their three decades of experience and the very latest in electrical testing technology to check for faults and assess the competency of a property’s electrical system.

Our service specialises in commercial electrical maintenance. Our efficient and professional service can check all electrical systems in a commercial property and make any necessary repairs. We strive to cause the least amount of disruption to a business as possible and our experienced team always carries out all maintenance work as efficiently as possible.
All commercial properties that invite the public inside are required to have installed emergency lighting. This emergency lighting is legally required to be regularly tested and maintained to the legally accepted standard. Advanced Electrical Contracting Services are fully equipped to install, repair and maintain commercially installed emergency lighting to the accepted legal standard.

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services is fully equipped to offer a maintenance service to the massive electrical systems present in industrial properties. Our dedicated team of electricians inspect all electrical systems and are able to offer expert assessments on the competency of electrical systems within an industrial property. With so much experience in installing modern, energy-saving LED lighting systems in industrial properties. LED bulbs –like those installed by Advanced Electrical Contracting Services – are extremely cost effective and are an elegant solution to rising energy costs within an industrial property.

Our expert electrical maintenance service extends to the domestic sector. We service electrical systems in residential properties all around the greater Dublin area. Our service uses our expert electricians and the very latest electrical maintenance technology to quickly assess a domestic property’s electrical system. This service is the perfect solution for the safety conscious home owner as our no contact thermographic testing technology picks up excessive heat spots that could possibly lead to an electrical fire.

Does your commercial or industrial property require electrical maintenance? Then get in contact with Advanced Electrical Contracting Services today.