Domestic Electrical Services

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services offers our unrivalled expertise and experience to domestic clients. We offer a wide range of electrical services, tailor-made to meet the electricity needs of a domestic property. Our professional and efficient service is available to customers all over the greater Dublin area.

Do you need a qualified electrician at your domestic property? Then get in contact with Advanced Electrical Contracting Services today.

Our Domestic Electrical Services

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services has a business ethos that prioritises the needs of the customer. For existing and returning customers we make available a 24-hour emergency service. In the event of an emergency, one of our dedicated and highly experienced electricians will come to a property to quickly and efficiently fix any electrical problem. Advanced Electrical Contracting Services also makes the below services available to clients:

Testing of a Property’s Electrical System

Upgrades of out-of-date Electrical Systems

Installation of energy efficient LED Security Lights

Flexible Ad Hoc Periodic Testing

Full Electrical Assessment

Expert Advice on Making Your Electrical System as Energy Efficient as Possible

We invite all potential clients to review our rates page to get a full overview of the various electrical services we offer.

Exterior Security Lights

We specialise in the installation of energy-efficient, long lasting LED exterior lights. These security lights pick up movement and are perfect for the security conscious home owner. Our service involves a full assessment of a property. Our expert electrical technicians then advise a customer on where best to install their new security lights. We’re a customer focused company so we keep the customer informed throughout the installation process ensuring the customer's requirements are fully met.
Our exterior security lights use modern LED bulbs. These bulbs are long lasting and if properly maintained can last for up to 10 years.