Commercial Electrical Services

We provide our commercial clients with a full list of services to address their commercial electrical needs. We have worked with a range of small to medium sized businesses within the greater Dublin area. Our expert service strives to cause the minimum amount of disruption to your business as possible. Our modern electrician practices ensure that we can check all your electrical systems quickly and ascertain what repairs are required based on our investigation. We’re also able to advise customers on the advantages of possible upgrades to old or out-dated electrical systems.

Does your commercial property or business premises require a professional commercial electrician? Then get in contact with Advanced Electrical Contracting Services today.

Our Commercial Electrical Services

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services is able to provide a complete range of dedicated electrical services to the commercial sector. All our services are carried out by our highly trained and experienced electricians. Our commercial services include:

Electoral Maintenance

Electrical Upgrades

Repair of Electoral systems

Full assessment of a property’s electrical system

Electrical Testing

Expert Recommendations on system upgrades

We invite all potential clients to review our rates page to get a full overview of the various electrical services we offer.

Emergency Lighting

In Ireland, all commercial business that deal with the public entering and exiting a property are legally required to have emergency lighting installed. Emergency lighting is mandated by stringent health and safety regulations. This emergency lighting must be properly maintained to ensure that it’s running at optimum efficiency.
Advanced Electrical Contracting Services are available to install, upgrade and maintain these emergency lights to the legally required standard. Our efficient service takes care of all paperwork and guarantees our commercial clients that their emergency lighting system is in accordance with the legal requirements.