Welcome to Advanced Electrical Contracting Services

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services is a dedicated electrical company. We specialise in providing commercial, industrial and domestic properties with quality electrical maintenance services. We’re fully equipped to carry out repairs, upgrades and thorough maintenance checks on all types of commercial and industrial properties. We install and upgrade:

Wiring Upgrades

Emergency Lighting

Electrical Maintenance

Smoke Detectors

Fire Alarms

Industrial or commercial buildings that are open to the public are legally required to have installed and properly maintained emergency lighting.
Advanced Electrical Contracting Services’ efficient service is available to check all wiring on emergency lighting in accordance with Irish Law and to the very highest of professional standards.

Ensure that your emergency lighting is maintained to the legal standard by getting in touch with Advanced Electrical Contracting Services today.

Electrical Maintenance

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services is available to carry out thorough maintenance on all types of electrical systems. Using the very latest in electrical testing equipment, Advanced Electrical Contracting Services can check and repair all electrical wiring and equipment while causing the minimum amount of disruption to your business or industrial property.

Commercial Electrical Services

We make available our comprehensive list of maintenance, upgrades and repair services to all our clients in the commercial sector. Our professional service is ideally suited to small shops, office buildings and local business premises. We can carry out all electrical work and advise clients on the best upgrade options for their property and electrical system.

Industrial Electrical Services

We work extensively with industrial clients. Our professional electrical service covers extensive electrical testing of all industrial electrical systems. Our expert electricians can advise factory or department store owners on the best upgrades options their electrical system.

Domestic Electrical Systems

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services specialises in installing modern, LED sensory lights for domestic clients. For the security conscious home owner, these lights are a proven burglar deterrent. Modern LED lights – like those installed by Advanced Electrical Contracting Services – boast a long, efficient lifespan.

Electrical Testing

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services uses state-of-the-art thermographic testing technology to quickly test and assess the competency of electrical systems within a property. This system allows us to make informed, upgrade recommendations to customers in a timely and efficient manner.


We include a comprehensive list of the rates we charge for the varied electrical services we have on offer. We invite customers to consult this list to get a better understanding of the various services offered by Advanced Electrical Contracting Services.

About Advanced Electrical Contracting Services

Advanced Electrical Contracting Services was set-up over 10 years ago and we’ve been offering our professional service ever since. Advanced Electrical Contracting Services with over 30 years experience in the Electrical Industry have attained a vast wealth of knowledge in our respective fields of Electrical Testing , Maintenance and Installations
We’re a customer focused forward thinking electrical company, that makes use of the most modern technologies to inform and improve our services.
With so much experience within the company, we’re able to offer customers the very best electricians and one of the most efficient and professional electrical services available in Ireland.